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From April 14, the Prague registration center for refugees from Ukraine will move to Vysochany

From Thursday, the Prague Center for Assistance to Refugees from Ukraine will be located in the Central Group building near the Vysochanska metro station, where it will move from the Prague Congress Center. Mayor Zdeněk Hřib announced this. Dušan Kunovski, director of Central Group, added that after the completion of the center, the company wanted to provide the building to Prague 9 for educational purposes.

Firefighters have been gradually moving equipment for several days. According to Grzhib, work at the Congress Center will end on Wednesday at 17:00, and in Vysochany the center will open at 8:00 on Thursday. 

The reason for the move is the already planned events at the Congress Center, including in connection with the Czech Presidency of the European Union. Compared to the Congress Center, the capacity in Vysochany will be about three-quarters, and up to 2,700 people can be served there daily. According to Mayor Grzyb, this should be enough, given the current number of refugees, which has recently been between 500 and 1,000 per day. At the beginning of the war, the center served 3,000 or more people a day. The record day was March 9, when 3667 people were registered. The Help Center offers newcomers assistance with registration, accommodation, paperwork, employment and insurance.

After the help center is no longer needed, it will be converted for educational purposes. 

Luděk Prudil, head of the Prague fire brigade, said refugees temporarily housed in gyms are gradually moving to other places, such as houses, hostels and hotels. Firefighters have not accommodated refugees in gyms and other temporary facilities for 14 days. According to him, now they house 279 people, and this number continues to decrease, at the beginning there were about 700 refugees.

The Prague center, which also serves the Central Bohemian region, received 1,023 people on Monday and provided accommodation for 78 of them, according to firefighters. Weekend daily figures were about half that. According to Prudil, the largest influx is usually observed on Monday, and further declines occur in the following days. A total of 70,626 people have passed through the center since the beginning of the conflict. Due to the lack of housing, some people leave the Prague center for other regions. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 67,000 Ukrainian refugees have received residence permits in the capital to date.

Source: AroundPrague