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Employment in the Czech Republic

For foreigners, the Czech Republic is an attractive country. It is chosen for comfortable living conditions, stable prices and high salaries. A significant flow of migrants from neighboring countries makes it difficult to find vacancies in the Czech Republic in certain industries. At the same time, the procedure for finding employment in the country is one of the simplest in Europe. In order for a job search in an unfamiliar environment to be effective, several factors should be taken into account. 

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Трудоустройство в Чехии – Кого ищут работодатели

The Czech Republic has a well-developed industry - engineering, light, chemical and food. Therefore, vacancies in the Czech Republic for their citizens and for foreigners are open in these industries. It is not worth waiting for employment in agriculture or in the mining industry. Employers are looking for representatives of the following specialties among applicants: 

  • employees of the IT-sphere of all directions;
  • technologists of the chemical and metallurgical industries;
  • medical personnel - nurses and doctors of a narrow profile;
  • teachers of foreign languages;
  • engineers of various fields;
  • banking sector specialists;
  • repair and construction workers;
  • community service specialists;
  • employees of restaurant and hotel complexes.

High qualification of the employee provides a good level of remuneration. Therefore, the first thing to do when solving the issue of employment is to confirm the level of education in the specialty. In addition, if the activity involves communication, knowledge of the Czech language is indispensable. The level of language proficiency must be confirmed by an appropriate certificate. Having a diploma in a highly qualified specialty is not enough, because for its recognition you will need to go through the nostrification procedure. Medical workers are subjected to additional checks in a special state institution, since there are high requirements for doctors in the country. 

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Work in the Czech Republic

Physical work in the Czech Republic involves serious loads, so candidates must be distinguished by endurance and excellent health. To obtain a vacancy, it is an advantage to have experience in a similar position. 

Where to look for work in the Czech Republic

As in most European countries, in the Czech Republic there are a lot of services for finding current vacancies - for the domestic applicant and for foreigners. If we are not talking about a unique specialty, which is invited to work personally, then the employer will look for employees precisely on mass sites. Information about the work is provided in special websites and in the media. Intermediary agencies are also successfully functioning, the services of which can be used in advance. They monitor vacancies in the Czech Republic and provide information about them to applicants before arriving in the country. Of course, this service is paid by the applicant for the job, but a reliable intermediary performs a huge search volume instead of the applicant. And since in the Czech Republic the issue of opening a vacancy is quite lengthy and takes about a month, then using the services of an agency is the best solution for those who are planning to move. 

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Work in the Czech Republic

In case of an unplanned departure, you will have to look for work directly in the country. In the Czech Republic, all vacancies are registered with the Employment Department and only then become public. All related issues related to finding housing, medical care and social guarantees should also be entrusted to official structures. This guarantees the payment of earned money, taxes and the legality of labor activity. It is good if the applicant has acquaintances in the country who can recommend trusted hiring intermediaries. If you are not one of them, look for a diaspora, contact official or informal associations. 

What are the advantages of employment in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a steadily developing country with a strong economy and law-abiding citizens. Every Czech is sure that taxes paid guarantee social benefits to everyone. It is for this reason that the authorities do not stop fighting illegal immigrants and are taking steps to attract employers to the official employment of migrants. 

Regardless of the form of ownership, enterprises guarantee equal rights to employees. Since non-compliance with labor laws is strictly punishable by law, it is much more profitable to hire job seekers legally. For highly qualified visiting specialists, there is even a norm of the law that fixes a salary 1.5 times higher than for the Czechs. Other significant benefits of a formal job include:

  • social guarantees - providing the employee with days off, vacation and sick leave;
  • the opportunity to realize career growth in the field of activity in which the applicant for the vacancy is competent;
  • commensurate levels of salaries for vacancies that do not require training;
  • affordable housing and excellent infrastructure;
  • observance of the labor rights of hired workers;
  • medical insurance.

Czech labor law protects all workers, regardless of nationality or citizenship. This gives a sense of stability even when away from home. Anyone who is attracted by a developed country with a decent standard of living should try to find a suitable job in the Czech Republic and start a new page in their lives. 


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Work in the Czech Republic

Czechs are famous for their hospitality and openness. Therefore, they are ready to help every visitor to adapt in their country. And although the flow of labor migrants in the Czech Republic never dries up, the natives do not consider them competitors in the labor market. This is explained by the dislike of the Czechs themselves for physical and low-skilled work, to which migrants gladly agree. Obtaining a work permit takes some time, although it is not as difficult as in other EU countries. 

There are several employment options available to visitors, depending on the skill level. They differ in the procedure for applying for a job. Some specialties require special permits, which are issued by the authorities. 

Moving to the Czech Republic is real for both a single person and a whole family. Moreover, those migrants whose close relatives are already working or have received a work permit in the country have access to simplified employment procedures. The well-thought-out infrastructure of settlements contributes to a comfortable life for families with children and elderly couples - no one is denied access to kindergartens, schools and medical institutions. Education in the Republic in state educational institutions is free for all. Everyone can receive medical assistance in urgent cases, but consultation is selective. The language barrier may arise at first, but it can be overcome thanks to Czech language courses and live communication. Many employers of large enterprises with a high percentage of employed migrants allocate a separate vacancy for a bilingual employee who provides communication between management and subordinates. 

To the Czech Republic, like any other country, you need to get used to it. Residents of the country have a special attitude towards rest, leisure, food and visitors. Respect for the traditions and laws of a successful state is the key to easy adaptation and further self-realization for any migrant.

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