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More than 70 thousand Ukrainian refugees found work in the Czech Republic

More than 70 thousand refugees from Ukraine started working in the Czech Republic. This was stated by Minister of Labor Marian Jurechkana at a press conference after the government meeting.

To date, the Ministry of the Interior has issued more than 367,500 refugee visas. Women make up 72% adults. The Aliens Police reported nearly 287,000 arrivals. According to Interior Minister Vit Rakushan, there are about 300,000 Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic, some are leaving. With a protection visa, people can freely get a job, they do not need a permit.

“Today, more than 70,000 people who came from Ukraine and received protection are working in the Czech Republic. This is also positive news in terms of taxes and economic support,” Yurechka said. He noted that seats that had been vacant for a long time were filled.

Most of the vacancies registered with the employment office are for people with low qualifications. Experts recommend making every effort to use the education and skills of newcomers. However, for employment in more professional positions, knowledge of the Czech language is required. The Ministry of Education has published requirements for the form of language courses for refugees. Employers can prepare training and apply for accreditation. The language tuition will then be paid for by the employment office, which will use the European money to support employment.

According to an earlier Labor Department finding, 22.5% of newcomers have a high school diploma and 28.5% have a tertiary education.

The leadership of the Employment Bureau has repeatedly indicated that although refugees can work in the Czech Republic without obstacles and permits from March 21, employers must report their acceptance, as in the case of other foreigners.