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If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next?

If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next? one
If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next? Work in the Czech Republic.

If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next?

If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next? The most difficult stage when choosing a place of work in the Czech Republic is the decision. Further, all obligations for the registration of an employee and his delivery to the desired city are assumed by BestWork4You. To do this, just contact the team and leave an application for the selection of vacancies.

Our task is to provide full support to the client both in the preparation of documents and in his arrangement in a new place. You can contact the company on your own or together with your spouse, because not all couples are ready to live at a distance, even when choosing seasonal work for a short period. Everyone is provided with comfortable living conditions, as well as a convenient work schedule.

From finding a job to applying for a job

The company's services include supporting the client at all stages of the job search: from applying to receiving the first salary. Each case is individual, and therefore our team helps to find a vacancy according to the wishes, selects housing and provides moral and informational support in adapting to a new place.

The company cooperates with the largest enterprises of the Czech Republic. Before submitting a vacancy to an applicant, we check the compliance with the conditions. Plus, at the disposal of each client are reviews of those who are already working abroad. Employers of the Czech Republic BestWork4You are willing to help in obtaining a work permit, as well as provide decent working conditions. It is for this reason that we recommend our clients to go here.

If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next? 2
Jobs in the Czech Republic.

Stage 1: determine the desired vacancy

Work is selected depending on the existing skills, experience and education. Wishes regarding the work schedule or salary level are also taken into account.

We offer work in the field of:

Retail and wholesale.


Hotel and restaurant business.



Each candidate is offered several options to choose from, as our company keeps track of all current vacancies. All stated conditions are true.

If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next? 3
Visa processing.

Stage 2: preparing documents

There are several options for working abroad: seasonal or with a long-term contract. Depending on the chosen vacancy, a visa is issued:

short-term for seasonal work;

long-term for seasonal work;

work card.

The company's specialist will help with obtaining an exit permit and will familiarize you with the list of necessary documents.

Initially, the client needs to have a passport, insurance, an invitation from the place of work, a completed appropriate form, a photo, confirmation of accommodation, as well as solvency and readiness to leave the country after the completion of the contract.

If you have no experience of working abroad and are worried at the first contact, we will help you find a vacancy for a short period. So you will have the opportunity to test your capabilities and independently evaluate the conditions provided by the employer.

Stage 3: we select housing

Comfortable living conditions are one of the most important aspects of efficient work. After all, each employee should have a warm and comfortable living space near the workplace.

When selecting housing, the wishes of each client, as well as the budget, are taken into account. This issue is of particular concern to couples, because one of the criteria is a separate room for cohabitation.

As a rule, employees live with colleagues close to work. This format is the most convenient, as it minimizes the time spent on the road, and also makes it possible to establish warm relations with employees. There is a possibility of a separate settlement.

Stage 4: delivery to the place of work

We provide buses that transport employees to and from work. Therefore, you can not worry that in a foreign country without knowing the language you will get lost.

This option is included in the company's services, as it is one of the adaptation factors.

Stage 5: Insurance

In the Czech Republic, insurance is mandatory for every person. It is she who protects you from accidents, and also covers medical care due to illness.

BestWork4You helps to arrange insurance for each job seeker.

Step 6: Providing Medical Care

In Europe, the health of a worker is treated more reverently than in Ukraine. Each employee undergoes a medical examination before going to work. The same procedure takes place at the end of the contract.

It is worth noting that, if necessary, it is possible to issue a sick leave if the client falls ill during work. Enterprises are quite loyal in this matter and care about the health of their employees.

If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, what to do next? four
A large number of vacancies

Stage 7: create comfortable conditions for adaptation

The first exit to the workplace is quite an alarming moment for all employees. The reason is the language barrier, as well as the lack of support from colleagues.

Our task is to provide everyone with an accompanying person with knowledge of the language. It is the curator in your native language who will bring you up to date, explain the tasks at the place of work and help you fit into the regime. You can also contact the curator for any domestic issues. He will provide support and create a friendly atmosphere in the new country.

Stage 8: Workflow training

Many are afraid that they will not be able to master a new profession because of the language barrier. Our team provides the support of an interpreter who will help you delve into the work and tell you about all the intricacies.

You can communicate with the employee throughout the entire working period. This is very convenient, because many questions do not arise immediately.

Stage 9: salary

We care about each client, because the main priority is long-term cooperation. That is why we offer only highly paid vacancies and accompany employees until the first salary is received. We also provide support to those who do not have financial resources. An advance payment is negotiated individually, which will help you quickly adapt to a new place.

What do refugees from Ukraine need to remember when looking for work in the Czech Republic?

In 2022, there are special conditions for the employment of refugees from Ukraine in connection with hostilities. Today you can get a job without a work permit.

Such conditions greatly simplify the paperwork, as well as reduce the preparation time before going to work. A candidate can apply for any vacancy with a long-term visa.

To do this, you need to apply for refugee status upon arrival in the Czech Republic and ask for temporary shelter. After that, the procedure for issuing temporary documents takes place and opportunities for employment open up.

It should be noted that the vacancy is also selected individually. At the same time, the wishes of each applicant are taken into account. For work, you can choose both a seasonal type of employment and vacancies with a long-term perspective.

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Work in the Czech Republic from BestWork4You

Why is it worth going to work in the Czech Republic now with BestWork4You?

Working abroad is a promising option for many job seekers, opening up the possibility of good earnings for them. The main condition for successful employment is the choice of a reliable partner. Our team has been helping clients find their dream job for over 10 years, and also provides support at all stages.

Today, for employment, it is enough to contact us and choose a suitable job option for yourself. Further, we take full responsibility for the arrangement at the new place of residence, adaptation and preparation of documents. The best thing about our services is the feedback from clients who have already found a job in the Czech Republic.

Hurry up to leave an application for the selection of vacancies on the site in order to find a highly paid job in the Czech Republic with decent living conditions in the near future!

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