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Work in Slovakia

Work in Slovakia attracts foreigners with a measured pace of life, high salaries and reasonable prices. Whatever the reason for moving to this country, it is quite possible to get a permanent residence here. Finding yourself in the comfortable environment of a country with a strong economy among friendly people is a great option to start a new page in life.

Immediately after arrival or a little later, a natural question of employment in Slovakia arises. For this process to be effective, it is worth considering several nuances.

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Demanded industries

In Slovakia, the automotive industry is very developed, factories of the world-famous concerns Volkswagen, Kia, Peugeot, Citroen have been built and are successfully operating there. Naturally, specialists in this industry will have the opportunity of official employment with a good salary.

In addition, vacancies for foreign applicants in other areas of activity are common:

  • IT specialists, even without knowledge of the Slovak language, but knowledge of English will be an advantage;
  • medical workers - nurses, doctors with relevant education and work experience;
  • engineers;
  • employees of the hotel and restaurant industry;
  • attendants - cooks, nannies, governesses, nurses;
  • workers - packers, cleaners, laborers for factories;
  • builders of all profiles;
  • agricultural experts.

It is clear that more qualified specialists can claim higher wages, but the requirements for applicants for such vacancies are different. In those areas where potential communication is envisaged, knowledge of the Slovak language is indispensable. Therefore, teachers, salespeople and managers of different levels must confirm language competence. For specialists with higher education applying for similar positions in the country, the necessary procedure is the nostrification of diplomas, that is, their recognition by the Slovak Republic. For job vacancies, it is often enough to meet the specified age and be in good health. Of course, experience in a similar position is welcomed by the employer and will be an advantage for the applicant.

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How to start looking for a job in Slovakia

There are many agencies that cooperate with employers in Slovakia and post current vacancies. The services of these intermediaries can be used if the move to the country is planned in advance. One has only to choose companies with a good reputation, and not at random. We offer our clients only profitable and proven vacancies, so you can be sure of an excellent result.

However, if you had to leave suddenly, then you will have to look for work on the spot. It is better to use official sources that provide advice on finding temporary housing and work. This is a guarantee of legal relations with the country, so you can be sure of the payment of wages. You can find your compatriots, even if you do not know them, just contact not lonely people, but informal associations, look for diasporas. After all, people who have been in the country for a long time are better oriented and will suggest proven options.

Benefits of formal employment in Slovakia

Slovakia is deservedly considered one of the most developed countries in Europe, and not least due to respect for the law, mutual respect and law-abiding citizens. Therefore, formal employment offers for migrants in this country are a guarantee of productive activity for enterprises.

Public and private institutions are required to provide guarantees to employees, regardless of their nationality or citizenship. Violations of labor relations for the employer can have unpleasant consequences, so it is better for managers to provide decent conditions for employees. Legal work in the Slovak Republic has a number of significant advantages:

  • a chance to be realized in the field that corresponds to education;
  • the salary level for foreigners does not differ from that of Slovaks;
  • social protection - the right to days off, vacation, sick leave;
  • the consonance of the Slovak and Ukrainian languages will facilitate overcoming the language barrier and allow solving current working issues;
  • relatively inexpensive housing and developed infrastructure;
  • protection of labor rights for all employees at the level of legislation;
  • medical and social insurance.

In general, employers value each worker if he fulfills his professional duties and meets the requirements of the vacancy. Therefore, everyone who wishes will have a decent standard of living in Slovakia, demonstrating their professional qualities to the fullest. The reward will be the measured rhythm of life in the country, excellent nature, mild climate, a wide range of recreational activities and convenient arrangement of cities and towns.

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Slovaks are open to visitors, ready to help and advise where to find work and housing. If among applicants for highly qualified positions they create competition for foreigners, then they usually do not apply for vacancies in working specialties in such numbers as to consider migrants a problem. Therefore, settling down in the country for a long time, and even forever, is quite a realistic prospect for applicants.

It will take some time to obtain a residence permit, although this procedure is easier in Slovakia than in most EU countries. Asylum seekers do not need a work permit, as they can work under an employment contract. If we consider temporary employment, you will need a work permit and confirmation of the ability to occupy the vacancy. Individual positions require additional permits, which can be obtained from state authorities.

Slovakia welcomes families with children, couples and single people. It will not be a problem to arrange children in kindergartens and schools, to find affordable housing. Access to health care differs depending on the status of a foreigner. Emergency care is provided to everyone without exception, and other services are selective. At the everyday level, you can intuitively understand the Slovak language, at first this should be enough. To improve the language level, there are free Slovak language courses for children and adults.

It is worth getting used to the slow pace of life in the country; Slovaks do not like to do things hastily. However, in many ways, this is a guarantee of high-quality work done, which will not need to be redone again. In the organization of social life in Slovakia, the main thing is to demonstrate respect for the interests of everyone, personal boundaries are respected in the country, therefore they do not create unnecessary noise, do not litter anywhere and do not park in unnecessary places. The Slovak Republic is a friendly country where migrants can not only live comfortably, but also realize themselves in the professional field.

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