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On the night of March 27, the Czech Republic will switch to daylight saving time

On the night of Sunday, March 27, the Czech Republic, along with most European countries, will switch to summer time. Exactly at 02:00 the clock hands will be moved forward one hour.

On computers, smartphones and other modern devices, the adjustment will happen automatically. On a mechanical watch, the hands will have to be translated manually.

An interesting fact: for convenient memorization of the order of moving the clock hands, there is a mnemonic rule for the first letters: "BB - forward in the spring, OO - back in the fall."

Note that the system of summer and winter time in Europe was introduced during the First World War to save electricity by more efficient use of daylight hours. However, today the translation of the arrows is criticized by physicians around the world, as it violates the human biorhythm. In addition, as Ladislav Krzhizh, a representative of the Czech energy company ČEZ, noted, the transition to summer and winter time does not have any effect on electricity consumption.

Recall that in the fall of 2018, the European Commission proposed to abandon the change of clocks, with the condition that individual EU countries will be able to independently choose what time to live permanently. The EU member states supported the initiative, but the process was delayed due to the coronavirus and internal bureaucratic difficulties. Initially, it was planned to abandon the clock change in 2020, then in 2021, but the countries did not have time to do so by that date either. Now the discussion has been curtailed and the EU does not plan to return to it in the near future. The government of the Czech Republic last year passed a law according to which the transition to winter and summer time in the republic will continue for at least another five years.

Source: vinegret.cz