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The Senate of the Czech Republic approved a law facilitating the living and employment of Ukrainians

Refugees in the Czech Republic will be able to quickly obtain a special visa, state insurance and freely enter the labor market. The procedure will be facilitated by a government bill, which the Senate approved on March 17 almost unanimously.

The project is based on an agreement between the ministers of the interior of the EU member states to introduce temporary protection for refugees. It also regulates the entry of Ukrainians into the state health insurance system. Now the law must be signed by President Milos Zeman. It will come into force after publication in the Assembly of Laws, which could happen early next week.

According to the government, the law is necessary in connection with the massive wave of migration from Ukraine, which has already left about three million people in connection with the fighting in Ukraine. According to Interior Minister Vit Rakusan, about 260,000 refugees have now arrived in the Czech Republic. A special visa is a condition for the further integration of refugees into the system of benefits, the labor market or education.

According to the project, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the police will provide temporary visas to citizens of Ukraine and persons who permanently resided in Ukraine before the Russian invasion and who cannot return to their home country. A special visa is issued to Ukrainians for a period of one year. The law obliges Ukrainian refugees to report their place of residence in the Czech Republic. At the same time, with a special visa, they will be able to travel throughout the Schengen area.

Ukrainian refugees are included in the state health insurance system. According to the draft, insurance premiums for them will be paid by the state if they are not employed and do not have other business income. The law also regulates health insurance for children born to refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic.

It will be easier for refugees from Ukraine to enter the labor market - they no longer need to obtain a work permit. That is, they will have the same rights to employment as foreigners with permanent residence. 

Refugee children will be able to start going to children's groups, the state will finance them. The founder of a children's group will be able to apply for an allowance for its activities. Children can also attend corporate children's groups, which are now reserved for employees' children only. This measure is intended to facilitate the integration of arriving children and adults who will be able to start work. In addition, the bill will make it easier for refugees to confirm their qualifications to work in children's groups.

For Ukrainians who have received a special visa, the state will automatically pay humanitarian aid in the amount of 5,000 crowns. The money is meant to cover basic needs. If the applicant's income and well-being continue to deteriorate, he will be able to claim benefits again. The benefit will be paid for five months.

Families in which refugees live will also be able to receive financial assistance. So far, an amount of 3,000 crowns per person per month is expected, but no more than 9,000 crowns for everyone. The specific conditions for the payment of this allowance should be determined by the government by a special decree after the law is signed by the president.

The law will remain in effect until March 31, 2023.