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Law Lex Ukraine V

Today we will talk about the new law Lex Ukrajina V, signed by President Petro Pavlov.

It is known that yakі zmіni will point to Ukrainians from timchasov

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Law Lex Ukrajina V. Robot in the Czech Republic. bestwork4you.

Let's talk about the changes in financial support, how to make a difference from 1 linden:

  • Check income from the first aid, secure income from Ukraine and other countries, check bank accounts in the Czech Republic.
  • Those who live together and sleepily pay their bills for their own needs and give one bed for help.
  • Уже з першої допомоги замість 5 000 Кс – прожитковий мінімум (Zivotní minimum): дитина до 18 років – 3 490 Кс, дитина від 6 до 10 років – 4 188 Кс, дорослий – 4 860 Кс.
  • Після 150 днів з моменту надання тимчасового захисту, біженці отримуватимуть прожитковий мінімум (existenôní minimum) – 3 130 Kc.
  • Люди з інвалідністю отримуватимуть 1,5 допомоги відповідно до віку: дитина до 18 років – 5 235 Kc дорослий – 7 290 Kc.
  • Virakhovuєtsya like this: the amount helped for all expenses, plus spending money on living that life is not guilty of overestimating the amount of payments.
  • For the first time, I can help you financially by submitting an application in paper form. Further applications must be submitted at the zastosunka

How to change social payments for refugees, how to change from 1 quarter:

  • If a person, who hopes to live free of charge, if she is deprived of housing without good reasons, then she wastes the right to free living, she is respected that the person has exhausted the maximum term.
  • The living hopes without cost for the maximum term of 150 days from the date of the date of the timchas christening. The terms of residence of one and the same individual in the same areas, which are included to the register, are confused.
  • The period of cost-free living until the recruitment of Lex Ukraine V is also insured.
  • If the term is already completed 150 days before the recruitment of Lex Ukrajina V, or for a stretch of 90 days after that, then the term expires 90 days from the date of recruitment of the Lex Ukraina V.
  • A person and after 150 days, maybe 90 days to live without cost and for an hour for those who want to know a new life.

Also, change the social fees for those who are naughty Ukrainians, like a child from 1 linden:

  • A physical person has the right to pay a fee, as if she gave life without cost to a person with a timely defense and how to share life with her (to live together).
  • I don’t cry anymore, I’ll help the team who rent the whole apartment. Vartist life is insured by the financial support.

And at the end, change the health insurance, as a result of 1 quarter:

  • Even though the important state of a healthy person does not allow her to practice, even medical insurance for her and a far-off payable power. For example, for bedridden cases, cases of risky vaginess, oncological illnesses at the remaining stages of palliative care.