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Ukrainian driving license will be valid in the Czech Republic

Under current law, Ukrainian refugees can drive cars in the Czech Republic with a national driver's license. The lack of a European-style driver's license is not an obstacle, the Ministry of Transport said. But with auto insurance, everything is more complicated.

“The driver's license should only be changed if you stay in the Czech Republic for a period of one year or more,” said ministry spokesman Martin Brychta.

Ukrainians temporarily residing in the Czech Republic can also drive their own cars without registration. According to the ministry, registration is required only after six months of residence. “However, the vehicle must be insured and in good condition. However, the authorities will not check the validity of the MOT in the first half of the year,” Brykhta added. After the possible registration of the car, a technical inspection is mandatory.

If a citizen of Ukraine wants to buy a new or used car in the country, then those who cannot confirm their address and received asylum or residence permit will receive a three-month export license plate when buying a car. After the applicant receives the address of residence, registration of the vehicle will become possible.

insurance problem

According to the current rules, domestic insurance companies cannot carry out compulsory insurance of cars with a Ukrainian number.

“It is difficult, there is communication with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance and at the EU level,” said Veronika Pavlisova, spokesperson for the Czech Insurers' Bureau.

In case of an accident involving Czech and Ukrainian drivers, you should call the police to avoid possible problems.

Vehicles in use need liability insurance. However, according to the office of insurers, there are very few Ukrainian cars with a green card issued for operation abroad.

Under normal circumstances, driving without liability insurance carries a fine of between 5,000 and 40,000 crowns. However, if the accident does not occur, the police do not check the insurance as often as a precautionary measure and in the current situation are likely to be lenient towards Ukrainian cars. Moreover, these issues are still being resolved by the authorities.