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The Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs reduced the period for registering refugees to three days

On Wednesday, the Czech government approved several proposals from the Ministry of the Interior regarding refugees from Ukraine. The department announced this on its official website.

Innovations will take effect May 2. They are the following:

1) The period during which refugees are required to register upon arrival in the country will be reduced from 30 to three working days. Such a rule was in effect before, but in the first days of the war, the Czech Republic extended the period so as not to force tired people to stand in lines. Now there are no more queues, so the Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that three working days for registration will be enough. You can still do this in the regional refugee centers (KACPU, addresses here) or the Aliens Police;

2) Exactly the same reduction in the period from thirty to three days will occur for the obligation to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs about a change in the actual address of residence. It is valid not only for refugees, but also for foreigners with other residence documents. This means that in the event of a move, a foreigner will have three working days to inform the Ministry of their new address of residence. The Office asks not to neglect this duty. For violators, the law provides for a fine.

«Соблюдение обязанности иностранцев сообщать о смене места жительства является абсолютно важным не только для нас, но и для местных органов власти. Только при наличии актуальных данных мы можем целенаправленно планировать использование возможностей размещения в зависимости от того, где они необходимы», – сказал министр внутренних дел Вит Ракушан.