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Amounts of wages for foreign workers in the Czech Republic. How much can you earn in the Czech Republic?

Every year, citizens of the CIS countries go to Europe to find a better paid job than in their homeland. Often the final destination is the Czech Republic, as this country has a stable economy, strong infrastructure and favorable climatic conditions. There is a very developed industry in the areas of mechanical engineering, chemistry, ferrous metallurgy, electrical engineering, food industry, construction and services. 

The official salary in the Czech Republic at the time of 2022 is one of the highest when compared to all countries in the Eastern European region. At the end of last year, the average salary in the Czech Republic was 1230 euros, which is 8 % higher than last year.

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Average salary in the Czech Republic by specialty

Most of the country's workers on average receive an income of 17,221-65,753 kroons. Men have higher earnings. They amount to approximately 36,792 crowns, while women receive 31,720 crowns. The salary depends on several factors:

  • specialties;
  • experience;
  • qualifications;
  • economic industry and region.

If an employee speaks the Czech language, then he can apply for a higher paid profession.

In the Czech Republic, at the time of 2022, the fastest growth in average wages for employees in the IT sector was recorded, engineers and bankers are also ranked here. Traditionally, top managers and management companies have the highest salaries. Their monthly salary averages 7,500 euros. 

In the Czech Republic, waiters earn about 10,000-20,000 kroons, builders on average 24,000 kroons, housekeepers are paid 16,000 kroons. If we consider higher-paid positions, then it is worth noting finance and insurance workers, whose salary is on average 55,234 kroons, miners receive about 32,591 kroons per month.  

How wages are calculated in the Czech Republic

Salary in the Czech Republic can be calculated in several ways:

  • hourly wage system - the employee receives for each hour worked;
  • piecework - an established fixed amount of wages that the employer pays for a certain period of time. The amount of payment is agreed in advance;
  • lump-sum bonus payment system - a fixed salary with the opportunity to receive an allowance in the form of a bonus for the premature completion of a specific amount of work.

Every employee has the right to a day off or additional pay. Exemption from work is granted in the amount of processing and must be used within 3 months. If the employer does not provide time off, he must make an additional payment in the amount of 25% from the minimum wage for the work performed. 

Surcharges of 10% are due if the employee went to work on the night shift. The same amount of allowances is due for work in difficult conditions or in an environment hazardous to health.  

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Which region pays more?

Before you go to the Czech Republic to work, you need to clearly define the place of residence in order to be as close as possible to the workplace. To do this, you need to understand in which region it is more profitable to find a job. 

The biggest earnings are offered in the Central Bohemian region, where the capital of the country, Prague, is located. The Pilsen region is a deposit of coal, building stone, as well as rocks such as clay and limestone. More than 50% of its territory is devoted to agriculture. This region is in need of labor on farmland.  

Profitable for foreigners is the South Bohemian region. Here they are engaged in processing industry and agriculture. In this region, labor is always in demand at various enterprises and farms. The administrative center of the South Bohemian Region is the city of Brno, which is recognized as a center of science and trade.

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Demanded professions

Foreign workers most often look for employment opportunities in the field of:

  • logistics;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • information technologies;
  • heavy industry;
  • medicine;
  • construction.

When applying for a job in the above areas, work experience is not so important. All you need is a secondary education and a desire to complete the tasks. Often, foreign workers occupy such positions: cook, waiter, cleaner, driver, security guard, welder, electrician. 

Websites with employment in the Czech Republic are filled with a large number of offers, so if you want, you can always find a job. It is important to be careful here, because there are a lot of scammers in the labor market. It is better to draw up documents through special licensing agencies of the Czech Republic. To search for a job, it is also recommended to use the official employment sites of your country, which provides legal vacancies abroad. A person who gets a job illegally faces deportation and a fine. In some cases, a ban on entry into EU countries may be established. 

Another disadvantage of illegal labor is that the employer will not pay for treatment if a subordinate is injured. Cooperation with unscrupulous agencies or an independent job search can lead to serious consequences - a person will be left without money, work and health. 

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The Czech Republic is a small country with a well-developed economy and a hard-working population. If you choose the Czech Republic as a country for making money, then you need to understand that you have to really work. The employee must also be prepared for the fact that he will have to go to night shifts, have an irregular schedule. The positive point is that decent pay is provided for conscientious work in the Czech Republic. In addition, there is a good standard of living with comfortable prices for food and utility bills. The cost of renting housing is about the same as in Ukraine.  

Given all the above information, we can conclude that in the Czech Republic it is realistic to receive decent earnings, to have time for recreation and entertainment. Wages in the Czech Republic allow employees to go on vacation at least once a year and spend their leisure time with dignity.    

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